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Pengene-Tilbake Garanti

Vi tror du vil elske din nye nettside, men i tilfelle du ikke er fornøyd kan du være sikker på at du får pengene tilbake. Du har ingenting å tape.

100% retur. Uten spørsmål.

If you’re dissatisfied with your website, simply let your assigned representative know that you would like to request a refund. Make sure to read the terms of this guarantee below.

Dersom du ikke er fornøyd med din nettside tar du rett og slett kontakt med din personlige representant og ber om pengene tilbake. Så enkelt er det. Les betingelsene nedenfor.

Refund Policy

Disse betingelsene er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk. Betingelsene er utarbeidet og i tråd med lovene i delstaten California.

Policy coverage

Only the developed website, its design, and all features provided by Done Marketing Inc are subject to this policy. Any service provided by a third party is explicitly not covered by this policy. You should contact the third party to inquire about their refund policy.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Done Marketing, Inc. offers a Satisfaction Guarantee which grants a full refund of payments made for specific services if the customer is dissatisfied with the services we have provided. Some services are exempt from this policy and can not be refunded. 

Services with a no refund policy

Refunds are not issued for the following products or services, including services labeled as add-on features: Domains, Hotel Booking, Table Reservation, Domain Email (after accounts have been activated), Multi-lingual website, Custom Features and Integrations.

Expiration of guarantee

The customer may only exercise their right to a full refund before the website has been published or a domain purchased. Both those events does require the customer’s explicit approval. No refunds are issued for any service provided after the website is made public.


While domains can not be refunded, customers may choose to retain ownership of their domain after cancelling their subscription with us. A transfer fee of $30 is charged before the transfer can be completed. The fee must be paid in advance.


If the customer no longer wishes to keep their subscription with us, while no refund can be provided, they have the option of purchasing the site from us for a one-time fee. Pricing for the purchase of a website is provided upon the customer’s request.


This policy is an appendix to the Terms of Use. It should only be interpreted together with and in the context of the Terms of Use. If any part of this Refund Policy is contradictory to the Terms of Use, the latter shall prevail. 

Questions or concerns

Customers are requested to contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns related to this policy. To request a refund, the customer must contact their assigned representative.